Amorsa (Barbados) Scents is a Barbadian owned and operated luxury fragrance business developed to meet the demands of the selective, trendy individual for creative exotic fragrances for personal and home  care and business scenting services.


It started out as a simple experiment of a husband attempting to make true on a promise to make fragrance for his wife as good as or better than she could find without breaking the bank. After the first scent was completed reality hit home this could be something special!


​A-mor-să is a Romanian term meaning 'detonator' or 'primer', the first step to an explosive experience. Each fragrance (perfume or cologne) is carefully conceptualized, selected and hand manufactured here on the beautiful island of Barbados using a combination of novel local and international fragrance materials. 

Our products are packaged in handmade boxes, designed and manufactured right here in Barbados. We are 100% Barbadian from concept to each spritz.

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