The second of our new fragrances Soyeuse translates as 'silky' from French to the English language relaying the nature and 'texture' of this fragrance.



A look,
A glance
Turns to
Stares Of Romance
As Memories dance
Step by step
Emotions are left..... floating
As this invisible coating
Is really smoking!

This warm opulent fragrance is the skillful preparation of deep decadent jasmine, vanilla, white chocolate, patchouli, Caribbean coconut cream and powdery musk. The lingering trail of Soyeuse is tantalizing and breathtaking. Perfect for that evening date, dinner or meeting.

SOYEUSE Eau de Parfum

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    • Jasmine 
    • Vanilla
    • White chocolate
    • Patchouli 
    • Caribbean coconut cream
    • Powdery musk. 

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